Endoline Machinery says it is moving to the next phase of growth and development by launching a brand new range of modular pick & place case packing machines.

Designed to improve levels of automation and efficiency at lower costs, the company says the Endoline 310 Series will particularly benefit customers looking for their first move into full automation or those who believe that the machines currently on the market are just too complicated and expensive for their needs.

“Costs and complexity are kept to a minimum through a successful marriage of Endoline’s well-proven design and manufacturing techniques together with some innovative features that allow the equipment to be both flexible and low in capital cost”, says the company. “Typically, customers should achieve a return on investment of between 6-18months – depending on their shift pattern and current manning levels.”

The compact footprint of the machines and easy set-up for each product and collation are also said to make this range simpler to fit in and adjust than other fully automatic machines.

Downtime is kept to a minimum during servicing and changeovers through “clear access and a rapid and simple tool-free set-up” and the equipment is designed for unattended operation once set-up has been completed.

The 310 Series automatically loads rigid and semi-rigid products including tins, tubs, cartons and bottles, together with some shrink, tight and film wrapped rigid products, vacuum-packed rigid products and some flow-wrapped firm products, into static cases and trays.

With the IP65 option, the equipment is suitable for use in wash down facilities and may be employed in all food packaging areas. The 310 may be used in both refrigerated and hotter climates, is designed to run 24/7 if required and can be used either as a standalone machine or as part of a new or existing case erecting and sealing system.