Elopak is to concentrate the carton production of its two Nordic manufacturing plants in Lahti, Finland – closing down the plant in Spikkestad, Norway, in 2004.

“This has been a difficult decision, but I am sure it will strengthen Elopak and the company’s ability to offer secure employment on longer term,” says president and ceo Bjørn Flatgård. “Lahti is also well located to serve developing markets in parts of Russia and the Baltic countries. This will open up new market possibilities for Elopak.”

Closure of the Spikkestad plant will effect 60 jobs in Norway. An expansion and production increase in Lahti is expected to be accomplished “without considerable changes in the existing workforce”. Elopak’s Group headquarters, Technical Centre, and corporate offices will remain in Norway, and the Market Unit in Norway will continue to serve customers in Norway and Iceland.


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