The new EFI Nozomi C18000 Plus enables to improve productivity and quality of post-print corrugated packaging and display operations


Electronics For Imaging has introduced new digital inkjet corrugated printer. (Credit: bluebudgie from Pixabay)

Technology company Electronics For Imaging (EFI) has introduced a new version of its single-pass digital inkjet corrugated printer.

Based on the Nozomi C18000 printer, the new EFI Nozomi C18000 Plus includes more features that help to improve productivity and quality of post-print corrugated packaging and display operations.

EFI’s 71-inch wide direct-to-board LED UV inkjet printer features an advanced transport feed and patented vacuum table systems that help avoid warping, as well as maximise printer productivity and uptime.

The Nozomi C18000 Plus is also provided with an improved post-print quality inspection system to assist users to monitor quality and efficiently detect inkjet nozzle issues or other defects.

EFI’s new printer can identify and recover from jams within seconds

EFI’s new printer also holds the capacity to identify and recover from jams within seconds, and its improved rush proof feature enables to generate a proof within 90 seconds while another job is running on the printer.

By operating at speeds up to 246 linear feet per minute, the printer can produce up to 10,000 35x35in boards per hour two-up. It also comprises new coater options, including a quick-change anilox coater for enhanced performance.

Nozomi C18000 Plus includes the latest version of the EFI Fiery NZ-1000 digital front end (DFE) that can efficiently control the printer.

The blade-server based DFE consists of Adobe PDF Print Engine 5 for rapid and high-impact colour rendering and smoother edges on graphics.

The Fiery NZ-1000 DFE also includes Smart Ink Estimator that can precisely analyse image data for more-accurate control of ink costs.

EFI packaging and building materials general manager and vice president Evandro Matteucci said: “Without exception, users worldwide consistently achieve double-digit increases in production year over year thanks to the Nozomi C18000’s ability to meet or exceed brands’ strict throughput and quality requirements.

“The Plus printer, its superior Fiery DFE enhancements, and our new, comprehensive service, support and training offering extend the remarkable market advantages our customers have today.”

In June this year, EFI introduced a new automated EFI MarketDirect Fulfillment software for commercial printing and packaging businesses.