The new grease and cut-resistant Vanguard line includes a variety of plates, bowls and clamshells


Eco-Products' new line of moulded fibre plates and containers. (Credit: PRNewswire / Eco-Products)

Eco-Products, a Novolex brand, has introduced a new line of moulded fibre plates and containers under Vanguard brand.

The new Vanguard line, including compostable plates and bowls, is produced using sugarcane. The company also used advanced compounds to provide grease resistance to the products, helping to avoid the use of conventional chemistry called PFAS.

Eco-Products launched the Vanguard product line last year on a limited basis and focused on expanding production to widely distribute the products to the customers.

The new Vanguard line can be used for both hot and cold applications

The new Vanguard line, which is microwave-friendly, grease and cut-resistant, can be used for both hot and cold applications.

Eco-Products is initially offering a variety of plates, bowls and clamshells under Vanguard line. The plans are underway to add more products to the new line.

According to the company, the Vanguard line meets the requirements of the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) for compostability certification.

Eco-Products also stated that it has patents pending on the new formula that uses FDA-approved compounds to achieve grease resistance.

Eco-Products senior marketing director Sarah Martinez said: “Vanguard demonstrates our deep commitment to providing new choices for those seeking grease-resistant packaging.

“Our goal is to stay at the cutting edge of innovation, and the Vanguard line keeps us right there. It’s another outstanding option for our customers.”

Eco-Products also supplies a range of plates, cups, utensils and containers made from renewable and post-consumer recycled resources, in addition to the Vanguard line.

In April this year, Eco-Products launched new sustainable meat and produce trays for supermarkets and food processors.

The new meat and produce trays are produced by using sugarcane, serving as a better compostable option for grocery stores and food processors.