A year-long collaboration between Nestle Waters and Crown Astra to restyle the packaging for the brand owner’s PET 5-litre bottle has culminated in the development of a pouring device which enables water to be dispensed from the bottle lying on its side.

The container’s introduction is said to have enabled Nestle to position itself in the high value table waters segment.

The single-piece, hinged PE ‘tap-cap’ offers a push-on fit to standard 47/41 screw-on bottle neck finishes and opens like a traditional hinged cap. Its design allows water to flow naturally, with opening or closing the tap-cap giving precise control.

Key challenges included ensuring a really effective seal and discovering how to fit a push-on cap to a standard screw-on neck finish to obtain economically acceptable throughput rates. The cap and bottle’s user-friendliness also had to be optimised.