E & T Plastics, a manufacturer and distributor of plastic products, has purchased a new Colter & Peterson’s 137-inch Saber XT paper cutter for installation at its facility in Blaine, Minnesota, US.


Image: The Saber XT paper cutter. Photo: courtesy of Colter & Peterson.

The investment in the new Saber XT machine is a part of the firm’s plan to expand the facility’s capability to cut large plastic sheets.

The new SABER XT paper cutter features Microcut electronics, which is provided by Colter & Peterson, an independent distributor of paper cutters and paper handling equipment.

E & T Plastics Midwest regional manager Tom Tuckey said: “We are extremely satisfied with the SABER cutter and have not had any issues with it.

“We knew going into buying the machine what applications we would use it for. It has done and is doing exactly what we hoped it would do.”

The machine also features a double bevel blade to provide operators with the ability to trim 10-foot long plastic sheets, ranging from clear PETG and polycarbonate to styrene, vinyl and more.

Tuckey added: “We would not be able to do what we do without having the double bevel blade. It makes cutting our materials a very smooth process.

“I like the high accuracy (within 1/64th of an inch) it offers and it is as accurate as it gets. That’s because the pusher bar is not static and you can move it forward or back. The blade makes a good first cut and leaves a nice, smooth edge to it.”

The 20,000ft² facility in Blaine, which is one of nine E&T Plastics-owned facilities, supplies its products to domestic customers as well as few customers in Canada.

Tuckey further said: “Our machine is very efficient. With clear PETG sheets, we trim thickness levels anywhere between .005” to .080” gauge.

“Styrene is a different material and depending on the sheet thickness, we can cut up to 2 inches of material at a time. This is where the double bevel blade is a true benefit, and it doesn’t matter if we cut 20 sheets or 200 at a time.”