The company currently has fully automated production lines at its glass vial production facility in Rockwood


DWK vial production. (Credit: Business Wire)

DWK Life Sciences has increased glass vial production capacity at its Rockwood facility in Tennessee to meet increased market demand.

The company has expanded and modernised its glass vial production facility to better meet the increasing demand from customers for the borosilicate glass vial products used in vaccines, diagnostics and therapeutics.

DWK has integrated new equipment installations with enhanced improvements to existing equipment to more than double production capacity.

The company currently runs fully automated production lines and a centralised class 8 certified clean room, which were built with a significant investment, at the facility.

The company has added new automated tube loaders with vertical loading capabilities to increase manufacturing activities at the facility.

DWK produces tubular glass vials and tubes at Rockwood facility

DWK Life is producing tubular glass vials and tubes at the facility by using advanced automated manufacturing processes and class 8 clean room robotic packing system.

DWK Life Sciences marketing and sales senior vice president Rick Schwartz said: “By converting to state-of-the-art lines, complete with dimensional & cosmetic vision inspection equipment, we’ve increased productivity in the plant and are delivering industry leading quality for glass vials.”

DWK Life is engaged in the manufacturing and supplying of premium glass, plastics, custom configurations and packaging solutions to its customers. The company’s major brands include Duran, Wheaton and Kimble.

In January this year, DWK Life Sciences introduced new Kimble silicon lids for beakers, flasks, bottles and cylinders.