Earth Smart drinking straws are produced using Aventa Renew by Eastman material, which is said to contain more than 99% sustainable content


D&W Fine Pack and Eastman have developed new compostable drinking straws. (Credit: Pixabay)

D&W Fine Pack, a provider of food packaging and foodservice disposables products, has launched new Earth Smart compostable drinking straws.

Earth Smart drinking straws are produced using Aventa Renew by Eastman, a newly developed material certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) as a commercially compostable product.

Eastman Aventa Renew is said to contain more than 99% sustainable content, as well as composed of 57% bio-content content including sustainably sourced cellulosic (wood-pulp) material.

It also consists of 43% certified recycled content from hard-to-recycle plastic waste diverted from landfills, thereby helping to reduce the impact on the environment.

Eastman’s biodegradable platform director David Nelson said: “Unlike conventional plastics, Aventa Renew materials are made with ingredients that biodegrade in compost, soil, water, and marine environments and are naturally consumed by microorganisms, leaving no remaining microplastics.”

D&W Fine Pack is offering Earth Smart clear straws in 7.75″ and 10.25″ long jumbo sizes for sodas, juices, milk, iced tea and similar cold drinks.

The sustainable straws are available in 8.5″ and 10.25” long jumbo sizes for thick drinks such as freezes and smoothies.

D&W Fine Pack marketing director Fran Rizzo said: “Earth Smart straws look and perform like conventional plastic straws.

“And they are the first straws that have commercially compostable and biodegradable certifications, while helping divert plastics out of landfills – all at the same time. An environmentally-friendly choice with great performance.”

D&W Fine Pack also offers TamperSmart packaging product portfolio, including SecureTab solutions.

The SecureTab product line offers options for take-out and prepared-food applications for customers in the foodservice operations and grocery stores.