Dune Packaging is using Mondi's Advantage Kraft White Print paper to produce open mouth paper bag packaging


Mondi helps Dune Packaging to expand its business. (Credit: Mondi)

Kenya’s Dune Packaging has partnered with packaging and paper group Mondi to offer its open mouth paper bag packaging products in more complex, multicolour designs.

In part of market expansion plan across East Africa, Dune Packaging has invested in improving machinery and upgraded the bleached kraft paper to meet the growing customer base.

Dune Packaging is using Mondi’s Advantage Kraft White Print paper to produce what it claims to be high quality packaging for food produce including flour, maize and grain.

Dune Packaging CEO Rohin Chandaria said: “We identified the possibility of changing the Kenyan milling industry’s packaging towards full-print, six-to-eight colour sophisticated designs that are pre-printed.

“Mondi showed us the Advantage Kraft White Print grade and we knew it would help clients differentiate their products.

“Taking that first step required us to purchase Miraflex 8-colour. It has been so successful that we have since installed our second, and now both printers are already running at full capacity using Mondi Advantage Kraft White Print.”

Dune Packaging installs Miraflex 8-colour machine

Dune Packaging has also installed second Miraflex 8-colour machine to offer the benefits of Advantage Kraft White Print, and expand the range of Mondi’s kraft paper products in its portfolio.

Mondi Kraft Paper sales director Josefsson said its clients prefer using Advantage White Kraft Print to offer complicated print, highly detailed graphics or substantial ink coverage of the surface.

Josefsson added: “In other words, they use our Print grade when their customer requires the best possible shelf appeal of the product being packed.”

Recently, Mondi has collaborated with Hütthaler, a meat producer in Austria, to create a fully-recyclable plastic packaging for its meat and sausage products.