UK preserves manufacturer F. Duerr & Sons has launched its new jam product, Squeezers, in Amcor TearStick – reputed to be the first easy-open, easy-tear plastic stickpack.

The single 15g portions have an easy-tear system which allows the end to be simply torn off so that the jam can then be squeezed directly onto toast or bread.

Amcor says the design is expected to prove a hit with consumers because it is less messy than using a knife and can easily be used by children.

The 12 PVDC-coated polyester/50 Coex PE packs are reverse gravure printed in seven colours and formed on a 5-lane stickpack machine produced by Stickpack Europe. This product uses up to 40% less film than conventional 4-side-seal sachets and is currently used throughout Europe to sell single portion foods and beverages.