DS Smith Plastics, Extruded Products is set to exhibit the portfolio of AkyPak polypropylene foldable containers at this year’s Pack Expo Romania event.

The event is being held between 16 and 19 May in Bucharest.

AkyPak bulk containers are said to be better choice of reusable packaging format for the customers due to their durability, lightweight and cost efficiencies associated with savings in transportation and logistics costs.

In March this year, DS Smith introduced AkyPak reusable and foldable bulk containers to optimize logistics management related costs.

AkyPak 3-fold reusable containers feature lid and pallet, as well as foldable polypropylene sleeve for optimization of cargo.

AkyPak 3-piece foldable container has been designed to meet the specific logistics requirements of the customers.

The sleeve can be folded in between the lid and pallet when empty, helping to decrease the cost associated with returned logistics and transportation.

Thermoformed HDPE is used in making the lid and pallet, while the sleeves are made of of polypropylene plastics.

AkyPak bulk containers are available in three variants, including AkyPak Classic, AkyPak Advanced and AkyPak 4You.

AkyPak Classic is a returnable container with three separate and stackable parts designed to enhance logistics flow.

AkyPak Advance is a reusable packaging transit system, which can be compressed into a single unit return position to avoid loss of pieces. It can also be combined with other existing solutions.

AkyPak 4You is a custom-designed bulk container, which will be designed as per the customer requirements.

At the event, the company will also showcase additional polypropylene reusable packaging, retail and printing solutions for different marketing applications.

The product portfolio includes boxes, sleeves and printed displays for the retail customers.

DS Smith’s plastics division manufactures flexible packaging, filling equipment, liquid dispensers, rigid packaging returnables and foam products.

The company’s corrugated plastic products can be used in various applications, including sheets, packaging and OEMs.