A sturdier packing scheme allows Zalando to transport more cartons per pallet and eliminates the need for stretching with film to ensure safe transport


DS Smith optimises shipping packaging for German firm Zalando (Credit DS Smith)

UK-based display and packaging company DS Smith has developed a solution to optimise and speed up the packaging processes at the logistics centres of German e-commerce company Zalando.

Zalando has redesigned its common shipping packaging size to speed up the packaging processes.

The redesigned shipping box features an automatic bottom that can be unfolded more quickly compared to the folder-type variant previously used.

A sturdier packing scheme allows the company to transport more cartons per pallet and also eliminates the need for stretching with film to ensure safety during transport.

Consequently, Zalando is in a position to save more than 200 truckloads and 370,000m² of film annually.

In 2018, Zalando received 28% more orders than in the previous year, necessitating highly efficient processes in the warehouse and logistics centres so that goods reach customers safely and on time.

DS Smith solution saves time taken at packing tables

To reduce the time taken at the packing tables, Zalando intended to change its frequently-used packaging size. The size was equivalent to the volume of two standardised shoe boxes. The company planned to shift to an automatic bottom variant, which can be unfolded more quickly.

The auto-bottom solution designed by the British company not only follows industry standards but meets the high load requirements.

Zalando packaging management junior manager Alex Astanin said: “So far, the feedback from the locations regarding the packaging solution optimised by DS Smith has been consistently positive. The time saved by the colleagues in the logistics centres during the packing process is significant.”

Zalando plans to roll out the shipping carton in all locations.

The new auto-bottom packaging also has ecological benefits. Zalando said that the omission of around eight tonnes of film per year is expected to reduce its ecological footprint by 20 tonnes of CO2.

Zalando packaging management lead Uwe Streiber said: “For us, packaging is a strategic topic with great potential for brand building. To achieve our goals, we work closely with partners such as DS Smith, who support us with their packaging expertise in developing sustainable solutions and guarantee consistently high quality in production, even with large quantities and short delivery times.”