The two new packs allow beverage brands and distributors to deliver their products directly to customers while supporting repeat purchases


Image: DS Smith’s Giftbee can be fully branded with large IML labels. Photo: courtesy of DS Smith.

DS Smith Plastics, a division of British plastics products company DS Smith, has introduced two new e-commerce circular packs for beverage brands and distributors.

The first pack, named (R)Ecommerce lid, is a secure, locking and resealable solution capable of transforming a standard crate into an e-commerce pack.

Features of (R)Ecommerce lid

The lid features a specially-designed chip that allows users to organise the collection of the lid through an app once the pack is empty and places a new order on an e-commerce website for customers.

DS Smith Plastics managing director Paul Baeyens said: “We have over 30 years of experience perfecting reusable beverage crates and we’re best-placed to introduce the first E-commerce solution for brands or distributors looking to tap into the e-commerce market.

“It fits seamlessly into existing production and distribution processes because the crates are fully stackable with the lid, both in columns and cross-stacked.

“Without any machinery investment or separate production lines you still access the incredible potential of online sales and generate unbeatable brand loyalty through loop-ready packs that can be ordered again and again with the click of a button.”

The second product, named Giftbee, is a reusable e-commerce pack with two reusable Fillbee six-packs designed for glass bottles.

Giftbee is claimed to be an ideal option for marketing blitzes such as product launches or event tie-ins, as it can be fully branded with large IML labels or embossed wording.

Baeyens added: “The marketing power of a Giftbee hits new heights as the pack can be mounted on a bike rack to hold beer in Fillbees (or anything else) and ridden around town by a happy consumer and brand ambassador.”

DS Smith said that the two new packs allow the beverage brands and distributors to deliver their products directly to customers while supporting repeat purchases.

Recently, Worldwide Dispensers, the US subsidiary of DS Smith Plastics, has launched Stackabox Hybrid reusable dispensing containers to replace its entire supply chain of one-way packaging.

The new reusable and collapsible dispensing containers have been designed to improve efficiencies in its supply chain by replacing one-way packaging with reusable containers to supply moulded parts to clients.