The new four-wave laminated cardboard’s interior is specially designed to protect metal parts


DS Smith Tecnicarton’s new lighter, folding carboard packaging for the metalworking industry. (Credit: DS Smith)

DS Smith Tecnicarton has introduced new lighter, folding cardboard packaging for the metalworking industry.

The new four-wave laminated cardboard is suitable for heavy bulks in the metallurgical sector. Its interior is specially designed to protect metal parts.

Designed to be extremely resistant, the packaging adapts to the customer’s needs and its transport conditions, DS Smith said.

Offering customising measures for each need, the packaging allows users to adapt it to the European regulations, as well as to the maritime platforms.

DS Smith Tecnicarton commercial director Antonio Cebrián said: “The metallurgical sector is one with high performance and very resistant packaging needs.

“Therefore, the continuous innovation to which we subject our packaging has allowed us to evolve from the traditional wooden packaging, which was used mainly for export, to a cardboard packaging, sustainable, fully customisable and able to guarantee the protection, safety and quality of the product.”

The folding cardboard packaging also allows a single piece to function as a bottom and a body as well as for assembling in a single movement, thus saving cost significantly.

New folding cardboard packaging facilitates stacking

Additionally, the packaging facilitates stacking and allows for a significant storage space reduction.

In a press statement, DS Smith said: “Finally, it should be noted that, as it is a cardboard packaging, it is lighter than its wooden counterparts, thus minimising the occupational risks linked to the handling and assembly of the packaging.”

Recently, DS Smith Tecnicarton announced the development of a new sustainable packaging system for French car manufacturer Groupe PSA’s car batteries.

The new single-use cardboard/wood packaging has been designed to replace returnable metal containers for the car batteries.