International packaging manufacturer DS Smith announced that it is trialing world’s first compostable and water-resistant cardboard bird boxes.


Image: The boxes are made from 100% recycled paper and are compostable at the end of the box’s life. Photo: courtesy of DS Smith.

The bird boxes, which have been produced by using recycled cardboard, are covered in a 100% recyclable and water-resistant coating to provide protection from outside elements and deliver similar functions of conventional bird houses made from timber.

The bird boxes made from cardboard can be flat-packed and transported for easy installation on site.

DS Smith said that the boxes are made from 100% recycled paper and are compostable at the end of the box’s life.

At present, the cardboard bird boxes are under testing phase and the company has started negotiations with national charities, wildlife trusts and councils to explore donating shelters, support their mission to protect wildlife and restore the growth of the UK’s bird population.

As part of its global Community Programme, the company will also collaborate with local schools to educate and motivate future generations about the innovative solutions to address environmental and social challenges across the world.

DS Smith also noted that its network of more than 700 designers is working to find new ways to demonstrate their design expertise, produce full size cars, racing boats and refrigerators.

DS Smith corporate affairs director Greg Dawson said: “With our Community Programme, we are inspiring the next generation of inventors to think outside the box and redefine packaging for a changing world.

“From cardboard tents for the homeless, to toy trucks for disadvantaged children, DS Smith is always looking for opportunities to work with customers, consumers and charities to create something new and exciting that has a positive impact on the world around us.”

With operations in 37 countries, DS Smith provides corrugated packaging and plastic packaging solutions to its customers across the world.

It also operates recycling business that collects used paper and corrugated cardboard to make recycled paper for use in corrugated packaging applications.

The company employs around 32,000 people and generated revenue of £5.7bn for the fiscal year 2017-18.