The Flex-E 760 system for processing photopolymer plates up to 550 x 762mm is said by Plastotype to offer true 'dry to dry' operation, incorporating exposure, wash-out, drying and finishing components in a single integrated unit.

Improved operator safety and better control of operating variables for a superior finished plate are claimed. The dry to dry process allows the first press ready plate to be produced in under 2 hours from initial start up, with subsequent plates being made available every 10-12min.

The Flex-E760 has a high capacity, energy efficient drying system with a capacity for up to 12 plates. Plastotype promises consistent production of plates with an isolated dot of just 0.5 per cent and minimal plate swelling, without the need for special processes or operator skill. The chemical products are correctly controlled, any vapours being safely ducted away to provide a healthy, odour-free workplace.