Dropps and Oceana will motivate consumer packaged goods companies to use plastic-free alternatives in their products and packaging


Image: Dropps and Oceana have collaborated to raise awareness on the prevention of single-use plastic pollution. Photo: courtesy of PRNewsfoto / Dropps.

Sustainable cleaning products provider Dropps has collaborated with ocean conservation organisation Oceana to help push the prevention of single-use plastic pollution at the source.

The partnership will focus on educating people to reduce single-use plastic, as well as encouraging packaged goods companies to use plastic-free alternatives in their products and packaging.

As part of the initiative, Dropps and Oceana will work together to help people understand the importance of keeping the pressure on companies to provide more sustainable products.

Oceana CEO Andy Sharpless said: “Plastic is everywhere in our ocean – floating on the surface, mixing in the saltwater, and sitting on the ocean bottom, miles and miles deep. And it’s no secret that the household consumer goods category contributes to the problem.”

Various measures to avoid single-use plastics entering the world’s oceans and waterways

One Family, One Home, One Future initiative has been designed to educate American households on the impact created by small and easy changes on the environment.

The elements of the One Family, One Home, One Future platform is comprised of content and initiatives, which will be launched across the yearlong partnership.

The initiatives will include focusing on educating consumers on the impact of their actions and choices, as well as minimising global plastic pollution crisis.

It will also include actionable and shareable content such as informative editorial articles, infographics, interactive quizzes and pledge to eliminate single-use plastic, in addition to advising individuals on the selection of plastic-free alternatives and mobilising industry and government to implement sustainable measures.

Dropps founder and CEO Jonathan Propper said: “At Dropps, we are dedicated to designing daily consumer products in a manner that is convenient for the consumer and engineers out single-use plastic.

“To some extent we are all experiencing Sustainability Anxiety Disorder (SAD). Dropps gives families easy to use solutions that are both eco-responsible and economical – which, if multiplied across a multitude of families, can have a measurable impact both on the planet and their wallets.”

In June this year, Henkel along with its partner Papier-Mettler started using I’m eco shrink film, which contains more than 50% recycled material, in transport packaging of dish wash tab brand Somat.