New research in the self-adhesive label industry shows that the relatively small beverage market has a dynamic growth rate of 18%.

This figure was supplied by FINAT which has just published the second edition of its major study of the European end-user markets for self-adhesive labels.

While food remains the largest end-user market for self-adhesive labels overall, growth is relatively static at 2%

The market for personal care products, one of self-adhesive labelling’s traditional strongholds, is still growing at 5% even though it is facing strong competition in the current business environment.

Re-assessing the total market by labelling technology, the new research confirms that self-adhesive labels represent 50% of the total, lower than many other industry estimates.

But the demand for self-adhesive labels is still strong across four key areas – variable information print [barcodes/tracking labels], primary product labels, functional and security labels, and promotional applications – with an overall growth rate of 5-6% on 2001-2002.

Variable information print tracking labels remain the largest of these segments, driven by the current strong growth in courier services and consumer on-line sales.

Future developments take into consideration glue-applied, shrink sleeving, in-mould and direct print disciplines.

The FINAT End User Market Survey 2002: trends and opportunities in end-user label markets – an analysis is produced by AWA Alexander Watson Associates and will cost you e3000 per copy [special price for FINAT members] tel: +31 703123910.30030