The new recycled plastic resins have been developed to harness the resources of used flexible and rigid plastic packaging to produce new packaging materials


Dow has introduced new post-consumer recycled resins to reduce plastic waste. (Credit: Adrian Malec from Pixabay)

Dow has introduced new post-consumer recycled (PCR) resins to better meet the increasing demand for recycled plastics from the brand owners.

The company has developed the recycled plastic resins to harness the resources of used flexible and rigid plastic packaging for the creation of new packaging materials and minimise the impact of waste on the environment.

The new PCR resin portfolio is part of the company’s strategy to develop a circular economy for plastics by concentrating on incorporating recycled content into product offerings.

Dow’s new PCR resins, which are already available in Asia and Europe, offer brands and consumers with performance comparable to packaging made with virgin resins while minimising carbon and energy footprints between 20% and 30% based on the offering and application.

The new PCR resin can be used in collation shrink film to help safely deliver products and reduce the amount of plastic waste ending up in the environment. The shrink film is suitable for use as secondary packaging for bottles, cans and cartons.

The new PCR resin portfolio supports the company’s recently announced sustainability targets

Dow’s new PCR resin is also suitable for use in rigid packaging to produce bottles for the home care market.

The new material is said to directly support the firm’s recently announced sustainability targets, which comprise of initiatives to eliminate the waste by facilitating to collect, reuse and recycle one million tons of plastic via direct actions and partnership by 2030.

Dow’s new material will also allow to minimise the company’s net annual carbon emissions by five million tonnes by 2030 on its way towards achieving carbon neutrality in 2050.

Dow is working with industry partners, recyclers and waste management companies to increase the value of used plastics by developing more advanced recycled applications.

Dow Packaging & Specialty Plastics president Diego Donoso said: “Dow’s new recycled plastic resin represents another advancement in our commitment to work with our customers to stop plastic waste from entering the environment and to drive circular economy solutions.

“Our actions to advance recycling technologies, help customers design products for recycling and support infrastructure and education projects are helping demonstrate that a circular world is possible.”

In May, Dow collaborated with DoxaPlast to produce stretch films that are made using renewable resources.