The new Mama Silage Bag is an advance silage storage technology for small-scale dairy farmers in Kenya


Dow and PIL unveil Mama Silage Bags help farmers to improve silage storage. (Credit: Dow.)

Dow and Packaging Industries Limited (PIL) have unveiled the new Mama Silage Bags that help farmers in Kenya to improve their silage storage and reduce waste.

The high-quality, reusable, recyclable barrier silage bag, which preserves vital animal feed for longer, is said to be an advance silage storage technology for small-scale dairy farmers in Kenya.

Dow said that the new silage bag is designed using a multilayer film structure containing the company’s ELITE Enhanced Polyethylene Resins & INNATE Precision Packaging Resins.

The resins are said to offer strength and toughness to the bag that makes it durable and enabling longer shelf storage and multiple reuses.

Packaging Industries Limited product development manager Vaishali Malde said: “Dow’s unique technology has helped us develop a solution that can truly tackle the needs of a growing and demanding market.

“With 80 per cent of the milk produced in Kenya coming from smallholder dairy farmers, the local community was urgently seeking a solution that could help them reduce losses caused by traditional silage storage methods.

‘’With Mama Silage Bag’s innovation, farmers can now better manage their animal feed needs and cope with uncertain climatic conditions.”

Mama Silage Bags was developed as a response to the farmers’ requirement to adapt to erratic weather conditions which make the availability of animal feed a constant issue.

It also helps farmers to improve and preserve the nutritional silage with less wastage that enables the production of high milk and a sustained and predictable income throughout the year.

Last month, Dow and Royal Umbrella, a Thai flexible packaging producer under SCG Packaging (SCGP), have collaborated to develop eco-friendly rice bags to meet their sustainability needs.