Domino Printing Sciences has unveiled new clear UV-activated ink to enhance the security of internal track and trace processes.


Image: Domino has unveiled new clear UV-activated ink for track and trace processes. Photo: courtesy of Domino Printing Sciences plc.

Part of the firm’s thermal inkjet (TIJ) range, the new UV-activated ink (CL125) is provided with  blue hue that holds limited life cycle and disappears completely.

When exposed to UV lighting, the new clear UV-activated ink fluoresces blue. It is suitable for use in internal track and trace processes, the covert code generally fades within a month of printing and leaves no long-term mark.

The new ink is said to expand TIJ’s potential, when the code or mark is needed for paper, plastic, copper, cardboard carton, film or label.

The UV-activated ink is one of a handful of new inks, which comprise brighter blues and reds plus a heat-resistant black ink for the durable marking of PCBs or the components of TVs and a wide variety of electrical goods.

Domino’s new range enables to create colorful packaging, corporate logo-aligned labeling and a range of stand-out printed features that can be achieved with TIJ technology.

The new range also includes red and blue that enables to impart bolder and brighter colors, in addition to improving contrast and adhesion.

The heat-resistant black (BK129) offers better adhesion and contrast, making it suitable for industrial applications using plastics and metal such as printed circuit boards and electronic components.

Domino noted that the requirement for high-resolution barcodes and 2D data matrix codes are increasing due to the growing implementation of serialisation by manufacturers across industry sectors.

Quick dry times are crucial on fast-moving or when the product is processed directly after printing. The new inks hold capacity to meet these requirements.

Domino’s TIJ product manager Alexandros Mountis said: “Domino’s new clear UV-activated ink is already underpinning a tobacco producer’s vital internal Track & Trace process.”

“The new inks expand thermal inkjet’s fit in many more fast-paced packing lines where high-resolution coding at high speeds is required.”