Insight Pack International acquired Comexi SL2 laminator and Comexi S2 DT slitter to complement the existing Comexi’s machines


Officials from Insight Pack International and Comexi. (Credit: Comexi)

Insight Pack International Corporation, a Dominican Republic-based flexible packaging firm, has invested in two machines from Comexi, a provider of solutions to the flexible packaging printing and converting sector, to boost its production capacity.

The Dominican company has acquired a Comexi S2 DT slitter and a Comexi SL2 laminator to complement the existing Comexi’s machines, including a flexographic press, a laminator, and a slitter.

Designed for enhanced productivity and flexibility, the Comexi S2 DT machine features a rotating turret on the winder to enable reel removal and replacement without the need to cease the process. It has a maximum speed of 500 m/min.

Insight Pack International technical director Federico Gálvez noted that the bilaminate and trilaminate structures are increasingly in demand by the market, which forces us to maximise our lamination capacity, hence allowing us to meet the high number of purchase orders we receive.

As a result, Insight Pack International has incorporated a Comexi SL2 laminator with easy operation and maintenance for solvent-free laminations, for both short and medium runs.

Designed to comply with productivity concepts, the Comexi SL2 machine is said to have an extremely intuitive environmental nuance.

Insight Pack is engaged in providing packaging solutions for various food and beverage products, such as single wrap and pouches for coffee, cookies, and pasta.

It also produces packaging for products in the tobacco sector such as pouches for cigar leaves, as well as shrink-wrap coil, among others.

In October this year, UK-based packaging printing services provider Roberts Mart acquired a Comexi S1 DT slitter.