A new report from TrendWatch Graphic Arts indicates strong acceptance of Data Asset Management tools in the packaging industry, where 13 per cent of consumer product companies and 20 per cent of converters reported planned purchases.

“DMAM is an applications-driven purchase,” notes TWGA director Vince Naselli. “Companies don’t just go out and purchase DMAM because they think it’s a good idea. Something has to drive them to make this investment. For packaging companies, it’s the need to manage a global presence.”

DMAM is defined as a computer software and/or hardware system that archives, tracks and manages digital page elements. These systems allow users to quickly recall these elements for re-use in new jobs, saving the production time of recreating them.

In its report, TWGA examines the current rate of adoption of DMAM software and how it is being used. It also examines DMAM data from the recently released TWGA Packaging Directional Trends report.


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