A metal detector claimed to be the first in the world capable of withstanding high pressure washdown has been launched under the new global brand name of Thermo Electron Corporation.

The five Thermo companies: Thermo Goring Kerr, Thermo Allen Coding, Thermo Ramsey, Thermo Moisture Systems and Thermo Detection will now operate under one banner.

Marking the first Thermo Electron product arrival, Goring Kerr DSP-IP has been developed to fill the gap in metal detection systems able to take high pressure washdown in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

The metal detector sets a new global standard by meeting IP69, the most demanding washdown rating that was developed originally for the automotive industry.

Customers had found that metal detectors built to washdown ratings IP66 and 67, which involves immersion in water, could not meet the stringent and increasing hygiene standards of their industries.

Extra procedures were often required, such as protecting the detector during high pressure washdown with a plastics cover followed by manual cleaning, says the company. DSP-IP will withstand jets from 2000psi at up to 95 degrees C.

Based on the Goring Kerr DSP3 range of digital signal processing metal detectors, additional features of the unit are high vibration stability and a smaller footprint than typical Goring Kerr machines.