The antimicrobial protective coating, Matter, is designed to be used with a variety of packaging materials

Matter Brand Experience

Designsake Studio has introduced new Matter antimicrobial protective coating for packaging applications. (Credit: PRNewswire / Matter)

Branding and packaging design agency Designsake Studio has introduced a new Matter antimicrobial protective coating for packaging applications.

Designed to be used with a variety of packaging materials, the new FDA and EPA certified antimicrobial technology is said to offer protection against 99.9% of microbes.

Matter antimicrobial protective coating has been designed to be applied for physical materials such as shipping boxes and product packaging, as well as paper, plastics, glass, metal and textiles.

Matter platform utilises an advanced silver technology to eradicate microbes on a protected surface. Suitable for both new and existing packaging, the new coating offers better antimicrobial protection to consumer products.

Designsake stated that companies can brand their product packaging with the Matter logo, serving as a first of its kind antimicrobial certification.

The invisible coating applied by Matter enables to protect the integrity of a product’s aesthetic or functionality. It also helps to rapidly incorporate into a company’s existing packaging in the final steps of the print production process.

Kulia Skincare is the first brand to use Matter platform

In early November, botanical-based sustainable skincare brand Kulia Skincare is being launched with the Matter coating integrated on its product packaging materials. Designsake Studio also developed the branding for Kulia.

Designsake Studio has also collaborated with premium papers manufacturer Neenah for the creation of Matter production samples to provide for brands.

Designsake Studio founder and CEO Danielle McWaters said: “We began to explore possible solutions that eventually led us to launch Matter. We’ve proven you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for safety or recyclability.

“We hope this can bring joy back to the unboxing experience and create the next evolution of safe and sustainable packaging solutions, as we know this shift towards purchasing products online is here to stay.”

In August this year, Flint Group Paper & Board launched new sustainable water-based ink and coating range, dubbed TerraCode, for paper and board packaging applications.