EarthShell Corp and DuPont have expanded their joint development agreement formed in April, 2001, into a strategic alliance – initially focusing on the $1 billion global food service wraps market. Combining EarthShell patented composite material technology with DuPont’s expertise in materials, development, manu- facturing and marketing, the deal aims to offer ‘environmentally preferred’ packaging and systems to the food service industry.

The partners intend to collaborate closely to identify opportunities that combine EarthShell Packaging material with DuPont Biomax hydro/biodegradable polyester coatings/films and technology. Biomax is said to offer a combination of biodegradability and superior barrier properties for better performance over a wider range of applications than other coatings or films. EarthShell Packaging can use Biomax in its disposable packaging such as bowls, plates, cups and sandwich wraps.

EarthShell Packaging is manufactured using composite technology that combines inorganics such as abundantly available limestone with organics such as renewable starch.

The products, which biodegrade in composting environments, are claimed to combine excellent performance with environmental benefits, and to be cost competitive to traditional food service packaging materials.