New cavity trays from Anson Packaging are helping Irish Biscuits achieve up to 40% additional product per pallet in their use with Jacobs Fig Rolls.

“We had previously packed our Jacobs brand Fig Rolls in three trays of 3, 4 and 5 cavity capacity,” said Colm Munnelly project leader at Irish Biscuits.

“This meant that we were unable to pack our outer cases and consequently our pallets in the most efficient manner. It also involved costly line down-time during size changeover.”

To overcome the problem Anson developed a lightweight PP 2-cavity tray that allowed pack weights to be built on a modular basis. Anson also solved the problem of de-nesting thin gauge close fitting trays with its Polyslip material coating, claimed to improve de-nestability and reduce friction on in-feed chutes. It also allows for the design of tighter fitting trays.

Size changes on the automatic wrapping line at the Dublin plant have reduced in time from two hours to less than 10 minutes as an operator function. With the modular trays, Irish Biscuits is using a standard sized corrugated outer case and has achieved over 95% pallet and container utilisation, says the company.