The winter edition of Nucare nutritional dairy supplement drink is offered in SIG’s packaging format combiblocMini 200ml


Daesang offers Nucare Roasted Rice in SIG’s microwaveable Heat&Go packaging solution. (Credit: SIG Combibloc Group Ltd.)

Korean health food producer Daesang has selected SIG’s Heat&Go, the microwaveable technology for aseptic carton packs, to launch its new Nucare Roasted Rice winter edition.

The Nucare nutritional dairy supplement drink with roasted rice is offered in SIG’s packaging format combiblocMini 200ml.

Filled on standard SIG filling machines, the Nucare winter edition offers customers with a quick and easy, complete meal replacement, SIG said.

The SIG’s aluminium-free pack is designed to allow consumers to heat in a microwave while retaining the product quality.

Daesang CEO Changwoo Choi said: “Our close cooperation with SIG gives us the best packaging solution to make life better for consumers. Heat&Go brings a new level of convenience when it comes to on-the-go drinking comfort and the consumption of heated beverages.

“We’ve been able to extend our existing product portfolio at exactly the right time to take full advantage of new market opportunities.”

The pack also ensures the Nucare’s 22 vitamins and minerals are retained while protecting its delicate taste and aroma.

SIG Asia-Pacific president and general manager Lawrence Fok said that the barrier function of Heat&Go’s aseptic structure protects products from light, oxygen, aroma loss and moisture.

Fok added: “Working closely with the team at Daesang we’ve been able to improve its brand image through innovation and convenience.

“The ability to fill both standard and Heat&Go packaging material on the same filling machine also adds value.”

In December 2020, Nestlé Brazil partnered with SIG to launch its complete NESCAU beverage range in SIG combiblocMini carton packs.