Crown Native, the sustainable paper produced using fewer wood fibres, can be used in food packaging applications


Crown Van Gelder has unveiled new sustainable sugar beet paper. (Credit: ulotkidruk from Pixabay)

Dutch paper manufacturer Crown van Gelder has unveiled a new sustainable paper, dubbed Crown Native, made from Dutch sugar beets.

Expected to be available from January 2021, Crown Native has been produced using fewer wood fibres to reduce the impact on the environment by 16% compared to traditional paper.

Crown van Gelder is reported to be the first company in the world to manufacture sugar beet paper at an industrial level.

Crown Native is approved and can be used in food packaging applications, as sugar beet pulp is FDA compliant.

Crown van Gelder has worked with Dutch agricultural cooperative Royal Cosun to develop the new sustainable paper.

Beet pulp, the agricultural process residue collected from Cosun’s production process, was used to produce the paper.

Crown Van Gelder general manager Miklas Dronkers said: “Beet pulp is often processed into animal feed or converted into biogas. But by using it in our paper, it becomes a high-value resource.”

The new sustainable paper helps to significantly reduce CO2 emissions

The Dutch paper manufacturer had studied various crops before replacing part of the wood fibres in the paper. The company has succeeded in producing paper using a 20% beet pulp.

According to the company, Crown Native enables a significant reduction in CO2 emissions and particulate matter formation. The beet pulp also helps to reduce water usage in the production process.

Dronkers further added: “This makes our sugar beet paper the ideal choice for product packaging, but also for shopping bags and promotional print. Crown Native is the perfect fit for brands with a sustainability ambition.”

Crown Van Gelder manufactures about 180,000 tonnes of paper per annum for the customers in the graphics, label and packaging industry.

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