Packaging products supplier Crown Holdings has introduced new round-to-square shaped tin for the luxury market.


Image: The round-to-square tins have been produced by using 100% recyclable material. Photo: courtesy of Crown Holdings, Inc.

According to Crown, the metal packaging is a critical component of the go-to-market strategy of multiple luxury brands ranging from confectionery to coffee and tea.

The company’s portfolio of promotional packaging is comprised of unique and round-to-square container with 100mm height.

The same container was earlier launched in a taller size specifically for the wine and spirits market.

Crown has now launched shorter format for markets such as confectionery, biscuits, tea, and cosmetics.

The tin, which is square in shape at the bottom, tapers into a fully round opening at the top, enabling to provide better differentiation for the products to help appear in the busy retail environment.

The flush lid is said to further advance the shape of the bottle. Crown also said that the uniqueness of the round-to-square container makes it a collectible item before a decorative finish has even been applied.

Crown is also providing a range of finishes, inks, varnishes and effects ranging from crackle, matt, and gloss to soft touch, perforations and detailed embossing for the tins.

The round-to-square tins have been produced by using 100% recyclable material, said Crown.

The firm’s in-house design team provides packaging design and artwork services, including proofing and specialist advice on materials, colors, effects and samples.

Earlier this month, Crown collaborated with Dublin-based consumer products firm Perio to launch an advanced package design to elevate the visual and tactile appeal of Perio’s Barbasol products.

The packaging firm has designed five varieties of cans featuring new debossing technology, namely Soothing Aloe (Green), Sensitive Skin (Orange), Extra Moisturizing (Purple), Pacific Rush (Aqua) and Original (Red), in a new 7.0-ounce (205 diameter) can size.

The new design for Peiro’s cans marks the first use of Crown’s debossing technology across the world.

Via its subsidiaries, Crown provides rigid packaging products to consumer marketing companies, as well as transit and protective packaging products, equipment and services to a range of end markets.