Better for the Environment While Providing Consumers More to Munch in Each Single-Serving Bag


Backside of new 4-pack bag--new "window" shows multiple bags inside. (Credit: GlobeNewswire, Inc./ Crispy Green, Inc.)

Crispy Green Uses Food as a Force for Good on every level. From the quality of its product to its impact on the environment and everything in between. With a focus on sustainability in 2022, Crispy Green has updated the packaging design of its Crispy Fruit product line to reduce overall packaging materials and provide a new, recyclable material for its new multipack bag. The new packaging is now available online at, and is starting to show up on retail shelves across the nation.

On Average 53% More Fruit in Each New Single-Serving Bag

Reducing the company’s overall packaging was a major initiative to become more sustainable. With that goal, the new single-serving bag now contains 53 percent more fruit on average. In addition to reducing the packaging to fruit ratio, it also provides consumers with a larger portion of their snack. Angela Liu, CEO and Founder of Crispy Green explained “Over the years, we’ve received many requests and comments from our customers that they love our product but wish there were a few more bites in each bag. This new single-serving bag is a true win-win for consumers and the environment!”

4-Pack is the New 6-Pack

The single-size serving bag is not the only change. To reduce packaging materials even more, we have adjusted the multipack from 6-pack to 4-pack. The new 4-pack (containing 4 new-and-improved single-serving bags) has on average more fruit than the original 6-pack. But not only does this reduce packaging material, the new multipack bag is now recyclable, which is in line with Crispy Green’s focus on greater sustainability.

More About Sustainability

From farm to retail shelf to consumer pantry, total Crispy Fruit packaging material has been reduced by 30 percent or more! To further offset the carbon footprint of Crispy Fruit online purchases, the company is donating a portion of all online sales to Global Forestry projects that focus on reforestation, protection and improvement of forest management all over the world. Benefits include:

  • Reducing the amount of carbon in the atmosphere by providing protected trees and plants around the world that can absorb carbon from the atmosphere.
  • Providing safe and protected habitat to wildlife all over the world by practicing sustainable forest and timber management that reduce the destruction of wildlife habitats.
  • Protecting the local water supplies by acting as a natural filter that provides clean water for the local communities.
  • Supporting projects that provide jobs and education opportunities for locals.

Using Food As A Force For Good

Crispy Green uses food as a force for good by offering a variety of healthy, clean portable snacks of the highest quality for people who live an active lifestyle and seek brands that align with their values. The company’s consumer education website, SmartLifebites, offers practical tips and information on healthy lifestyle topics such as fitness, nutrition, family, travel, as well as providing solutions to minimize food waste and help fight hunger.

Source: Company Press Release