The AGaaS platform has been designed to allow manufacturers to provide high-security multi-layered marking, which can be incorporated into each product


CBG to implement AGaaS technology to combat counterfeits. (Credit: Gerd Altmann from Pixabay)

Malaysian personal protective equipment (PPE) exporter CrecomBurj Group (CBG) has selected Document Security Systems’ (DSS) new AuthentiGuard as a Service (AGaaS) anti-counterfeiting technology.

Enabling rapid implementation, the AGaaS technology has been designed to verify product authenticity in the entire supply chain.

CBG international sales director Asyikin Muhiyuddin said: “Our personal protection equipment is designed to protect front-line workers in the pandemic, and we cannot risk our customers receiving products that may have been compromised while transporting it worldwide.

“Utilising DSS’s state-of-the-art AGaaS anti-counterfeiting technology, we can ensure the integrity of our PPE shipments to the medical industry.”

AGaaS technology to combat counterfeits of CBG’s isolation gowns and gloves

CBG plans to use DSS’ AGaaS technology to combat counterfeits of their Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI)-certified isolation gowns and gloves that are currently exported to the US.

The AGaaS platform allows manufacturers to provide high-security multi-layered marking, which can be incorporated into each product.

By downloading an app via Google Play or the App Store, consumers will have access to scan and confirm the authenticity of their product.

It will also provide a worldwide track and trace solution with real-time reports to customers to track individual packages and flag potential counterfeits.

DSS chief operating officer Jason Grady said: “While the pandemic has led to an increase in counterfeiting of medical products, such as CBG’s PPE, the problem is much more widespread, impacting nearly all industries and consumers.

“Adding AGaaS to our product line expands our reach to segments of the market looking for rapid implementation without robust reporting and customization features of our enterprise-level AuthentiGuard solution.”

Last year, Luminescence Sun Chemical Security and DSS have collaborated to offer new Augmented Reality brand authentication solution for Nestle’s division Wyeth Nutrition consumers.