The new lightweight stretch films, which contain a minimum of 30% recycled content, are designed to be in line with the upcoming UK Plastic Packaging Tax

stretch film

Coveris has introduced new sustainable stretch film solutions. (Credit: Coveris)

Sustainable packaging company Coveris has introduced a range of next-generation stretch films, as part of its efforts to minimise the use of virgin plastics.

Designed to be in line with the upcoming UK Plastic Packaging Tax, the new lightweight films that contain a minimum of 30% recycled content are available as both hand and pre-stretch solutions.

Claimed to be the thinnest recycled stretch films, the new solutions are produced using a blend of recycled polythene recovered from post-consumer waste streams and Coveris’ own circular manufacturing process.

The low-gauge and high-performance films are said to deliver the same packing and transportation efficiencies as virgin materials, in addition to maintaining full recyclability.

As per the UK Plastics Packaging Tax that will come into force from April this year, all plastic packaging including tertiary packaging such as stretch wrap needs to have a minimum of 30% recycled content.

The products will be subjected to taxation of £200 per tonne if they are not in line with the act.

The new films, which were developed at the company’s facility and Film Science Lab in Winsford, are expected to help the businesses to achieve their target of zero-net waste.

Coveris Winsford technical director Mike Richardson said: “Supporting our vision of NO WASTE and wider industry sustainable goals, the new solution offsets the need for virgin plastics whilst maintaining full recyclability, as well as being fully compliant with UK Plastics Packaging Tax legislation.

“This will allow our customers to take advantage of the benefits of efficient palletised transportation using plastic tertiary packaging without compromising their sustainability and circular economy goals.”

In December last year, Coveris introduced full recyclable cheese packs for Tesco, which are designed as a direct replacement for current non-recyclable alternatives.