The new Duralite R range is designed to offer a next-generation shrink film solution that is a fully circular


Image: Coveris’ new high-strength, high-clarity shrink film. Photo: courtesy of Coveris.

Coveris, a manufacturer of flexible packaging solutions, has introduced a new 100% recycled, recyclable shrink film, as part of its sustainable commitment to deliver recyclable flexible packaging solutions.

The new Duralite R range is designed to offer a next-generation shrink film solution that is a fully circular, contains up to 50% post-consumer recyclate (PCR), and an optional pre-consumer top-up material.

The pre-consumer material top-up content for the new film is provided by zero-waste circular manufacturing process at Coveris’ extrusion facilities.

The new shrink film is ideal for all secondary packaging applications

Ideal for all secondary packaging applications such as multi-wrap cans and bottles, the new shrink film is designed to meet the future environmental and legislative demands.

The new low-gauge, high-strength, high-clarity film leverages Coveris’ Duralite shrink brand, which is also being used by other brands within the beverage and grocery sectors.

Coveris’ films business unit president Martin Davis said: “The development and launch of our new Duralite R film marks a major step forward in the development of sustainable plastics for a circular economy.

“Complementing our existing range of environmental films such as our recyclable PE for direct contact, the development of a fully recyclable, recycled secondary material that utilises our own waste stream and delivers a reduced carbon footprint supports both our own environmental goals and those of our customers, as well as meeting legislative targets on recycled content.”

Additionally, the lightweight recycled, recyclable polyethylene (PE) packs are claimed to maintain superior performance, optical clarity and line potency to that of virgin materials.

The company said that the new solution, which is made available as printed and unprinted versions, offers reduced carbon footprint compared to that of cardboard alternatives.

Coveris said it is currently extruding and printing the solution at its European site base.

Recently, Coveris has invested in a fully-automated Universal X6 slitter for its manufacturing facility in Louth, Lincolnshire, UK to support its growth in the Biaxially-Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) label beverage market.