WLT offers a range of high precision counting machines from Swiss manufacturer Willi Maschinenbau, aimed at the UK’s pharmaceutical, confectionery and hardware markets. All units incorporate an optical curtain and vibrating system as standard, which the manufacturer claims allows the accurate counting of parts down to 1mm in diameter.

Four standard models are available along with a number of specials. Each counting system can operate stand-alone or in multiples and can also be connected as part of a production chain to comparable manufacturing equipment. Items for counting are fed into bowl feeder mechanism, which can be quickly adjusted to accommodate a range of sizes.

Digitally controlled, settings can be stored by a computer and recalled with menu options. This enables quick changeover times, even for complex counting and allows the remote central control of a number of machines with the minimum of operator management, leading to greater efficiency and cost savings.

WLT says that Willi Maschinenbau has adopted a special modular approach giving a high level of construction flexibility, enabling the counting machines to be integrated into a variety of production lines. Where space is at a premium Willi Maschinenbau is able to offer a compact option. Individual functions are controlled centrally, allowing complex items to be packed easily.

Other options include the ability to couple a number of counting machines together for connection into packaging lines with bucket conveyors, thereby providing a high level of automation. Typically, this could include the storage of all settings in a PC-database including checkweighers and thermal printers, which can then be sent automatically to the production line. Machines are also available with bulk hoppers which incorporate built-in top up sensors.