Swiss-based food manufacturer Coop has selected NiceLabel to lead the way in allergen food safety labeling.

13Dec - Coop

Image: Coop selects NiceLabel for allergen food safety labeling. Photo: Courtesy of coop.

NiceLabel will help Coop streamline and enhance the company’s labeling processes at its factories and in-store bakeries.

NiceLabel said the processes include the design, management, quality assurance and production of food labels that feature allergen, ingredient and nutrition data in a traceable manner.

Coop, which is claimed to be the second-largest retailer in Switzerland, is leveraging NiceLabel label management system throughout its manufacturing sites.

The system will be introduced to the Swiss company’s network of 45 in-store bakeries to enhance accuracy of labeling and food safety.

Coop ERP Production Companies IT processes head Didier Gremaud said: “We cannot ignore the issues within the industry around allergen labeling. Coop requires that all food prepared in the store is clearly and uniformly labeled with ingredients and potential allergens. Rolling out NiceLabel to our 45 in-store bakeries allows us to do just that.”

NiceLabel system allows Coop to strengthen its labeling process by eliminating inconsistencies, improving workflow and quality assurance during designing, printing and packaging labels.

The NiceLabel’s label management system joins Coop’s existing SAP system. Coop’s production sites and bakeries are capable of producing their own labels.

NiceLabel marketing VP Ken Moir said: “The food label market is changing, and while it’s all about consumer safety, there’s a lot of confusion at the moment about what’s actually required. It is good to see that an industry leader like Coop is leading the way in food safety labeling and taking a definitive stand by transforming the way it labels its food in its bakeries.”

The centralized document management system of NiceLabel enables only specified users to make changes, which results in a more secure workflow to produce consistent labels in a timely manner.

With NiceLabel, Coop is capable of using universal templates disregarding the printer type or resolution, which maintain the correct, approved label format.

Didier added: “In addition, NiceLabel digitized our processes and removed the IT burden every time we wanted to change a label. Before, we had multiple interfaces to multiple printing solutions. Now we have one system, one single point of contact and one interface. NiceLabel’s Document Management System logs everything, making it traceable, and is critical to our quality control processes.”