AB Graphic International's new Omega RFID/EAS converter is designed to meet the demands of label and packaging companies entering this emerging market area.

The system comprises a 28in diameter unwind and de-lamination/re-lamination unit with liner compensation system that accepts RFID, EAS and similar inlays. The lamination unit with carrier rewind configured for unwinding of RFID tags and rewinding of the static liner can also be used as a standard lamination module.

A second lamination unit with carrier rewind provides for overlamination of the web. Die cutting is provided via a single rotary die base that includes matrix strapping and two die positions.

The line is complemented by an Omega rewind module with nip roller drive, scissor slitting, cross-web adjustment and independently-driven pneumatic rewind mandrel that includes “labels in, labels out” selection and web advance arm for accurate placement of rewind cores.