A company that is best known for its design and manufacture of promotional bags for both fashion and beauty houses has become what it believes to be the only contract packer in London.

JSL Concepts formed JSL Contract Packaging to bypass the need to pack its products great distances from its offices. A 25 000ft2 warehouse adjacent to JSL Concepts’ headquarters in Wembley was transformed into an assembly and storage area.

The semi-automated production facility houses five stainless steel conveyor-assisted packing lines and one hand-assembly line.

This enables the packing of up to 12 different items at up to 40 000 units/day. Production capacity has expanded by 25% since the division’s opening earlier this year to cope with the Christmas period.

JSL Contract Packaging is handling gift packaging, cosmetics and toiletry packing and has recently become BRC IoP certified to supply confectionery and wrapped food packing. Its packing services include hand collation and embossing, labelling and barcode label supply, shrink wrapping and heat sealing. It will also source packaging components for customers.

General manager Nikkie Spencer said: “JSL Contract Packaging was a natural extension of JSL Concepts because we were losing time and money sending our products off to be packed.

“Most contract packaging operations are based in the North and Midlands. London is too expensive but we were able to overcome this because we already had the facilities.

“The majority of our customers are in the South East and now we can offer a full service under one roof. It’s more convenient for customers to negotiate deals and they can easily come and inspect products on the line.”