Increasing regulatory issues concerning the safe disposal of hazardous waste have led to a rise in the costs of monitoring and updating compliance in manufacturing practices. By outsourcing processes such as the coating of materials, responsibility for such issues is transferred to specialist coating companies who are obliged to demonstrate expertise in solvent handling and compliance with environmental legislation.

InteliCoat Technologies says it can manage solvent abatement issues through controlled emissions from a Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer system. By performing the required chemical coating process on the customer’s behalf, InteliCoat can safely remove essential hazardous materials in line with the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control directive 96/61/EC. Products can then proceed to pilot testing for scale-up and manufacture.

According to InteliCoat, the three main benefits of outsourcing are the acquisition of regulatory awareness and compliance, experience with a wide range of solvents, and control of emissions to atmosphere. The company says it can offer all these. All of its product development, scale-up and manufacturing activities in the UK are IPPC regulated to minimize possible impacts on the environment. The site operates under local authority permits imposing strict conditions that must be met in order to control emissions to air, water and land (including disposal of waste), and to ensure efficient use of energy and control of noise. Benchmarked Best Available Techniques are used to minimize pollution from current activities and ensure that future developments are sustainable in light of likely future legislation.



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