Asolution to help prevent food contamination caused by frayed conveyor belts has been developed by the UK division of international belt manufacturer Chiorino.

Patented C.L. Edge is a new sealed belting edge with an interlocking design. Unlike conventional sealed edge belting, which involves cutting away layers of polyurethane to be welded on top, the Chiorino version interlocks the elements before welding. This method is said to create a stronger bond and is not restricted to heavier belts, enabling it to be used on one-ply belting.

The sealed belt edge can be manufactured to any width, can be fitted to any belt type and can be produced in a variety of colour combinations.

Said managing director Keith Smith: “It makes sense that a welded interlocking device will be stronger than something that is just welded on the extreme edge of the fabric so all we needed was the technology to make it happen.”