Arpeco recently hosted a folding carton seminar in the UK.

Paul Thomas, of M-real, gave a presentation on board products that concluded with a case study of mill specialization in the healthcare sector. On this subject, Arpeco’s Fred Zinnbauer comments: “It is important to note that the narrow web printing process is a significant plus in gaining pharmaceutical packaging certification. It minimizes contamination or ‘admixtures’ because it is a single pass process from reel to finished carton that reduces the risk of having a random odd carton or label caught up in a batch.”

Jim Wright, of Arpeco, talked of advances in flexo press technology and print quality, and highlighted the company’s Injector System for cutting, creasing and embossing. James Wellsbury, of Rotometrics, discussed rotary die cutting through both solid and flexible die tooling; and the importance of web cleaning was outlined by Alan Chadwick, from Meech.

Akzo Nobel’s Barry Deri discussed the company’s Cartoncure ink system and ink chemistry for board products. Anthony Peters, of Imprint Business Systems, emphasized the importance of a good MIS system and waste monitoring to the manufacturing operation.

Concludes Fred Zinnbauer: “One of the primary benefits of a seminar of this type was the bringing together of individuals with specialist knowledge in their respective fields. The depth and number of questions asked indicates to me the content of the meeting was of high value” .


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