Quick and efficient production of lightweight, safe and effective EPS shippers to help overcome mission-critical logistical challenges of vaccine distribution


Foam Fabricators prepares mission-critical EPS shippers to distribute COVID-19 vaccines across the US. (Credit: Foam Fabricators.)

Foam Fabricators Inc. (the “Company” or “Foam Fabricators”), a leading designer and manufacturer of custom protective packaging solutions, today announced that it has been called upon to support the nationwide distribution of the upcoming COVID-19 vaccine in the U.S. The Company has enacted a comprehensive plan utilizing twelve of its advanced manufacturing facilities to meet the demand for molded expanded polystyrene (“EPS”) shippers. Foam Fabricators’ EPS molded insulated containers are not only proven solutions that provide the high quality temperature control required for vaccine storage and distribution, but are also lightweight, safe, low-cost and 100% recyclable.

Foam Fabricators has a 60-year track record and operates 17 state-of-the-art molding and fabricating facilities across North America, providing products to a variety of end-markets, including appliances and electronics, pharmaceuticals, health and wellness, automotive, building products and others. In 2018, Foam Fabricators was acquired by Compass Diversified (NYSE: CODI), an owner of leading middle market businesses, which has supported the Company’s transformation from a simple producer of molded foam products into a full-service packaging solutions provider, strengthening and expanding the capabilities of the business.
“At Foam Fabricators, we are incredibly proud to play such an important role in the overall vaccine effort,” stated Michael Hays, Vice President of Foam Fabricators. “Our team recognizes the importance of packaging, and we know better than anyone that without the right solutions, the vaccine cannot safely get to where it needs to go. This is a huge project close to the hearts of many, and our decades of accumulated human and capital resources are being put to the test as we rise to the occasion.”

Elias Sabo, Chief Executive Officer of CODI, said, “With its extensive national footprint, decades of experience and deep expertise, Foam Fabricators is one of the few EPS suppliers in the U.S. that is equipped to overcome the significant logistical challenges of the vaccine’s distribution, which include unprecedented demand, quick turnaround and high-quality specifications for packaging. The Company has established itself as a reliable partner for the most sensitive customer needs, and we are honored to be able to support Foam Fabricators in its efforts.”

The Company previously supported the distribution of a nationwide vaccine program during the novel influenza A (H1N1) virus outbreak in 2009.

Source: Company Press Release