The TrendWatch Graphic Arts report ‘Packaging in a Nutshell’ examines how US converters and consumer product companies compare and contrast in their viewpoints and business approaches.

According to TWGA director Vince Naselli: “When trying to summarize the relationship and trends between CPCs and converters, perhaps an image of the stagecoaches from the Old West is most appropriate. In the front seat are the drivers (CPCs) holding the reins, directing where and how fast they want the carriage to go. In front of them is the team of workhorses (converters), responding to the directions they are given.

“Consumer product companies show a noticeably higher level of optimism in their business conditions than converters do – 32 per cent said business was ‘excellent, better than the last 12 months,’ compared to only 24 per cent of converters. This is because they are in the driver’s seat. They know what they want, and the price they want to pay, and are less concerned about how to get it done,” he asserts.

“It is left to the converters to implement whatever is necessary, including making the necessary investments under difficult ROI conditions, to make sure these needs are met. Suppliers have to ask themselves which side they would rather be on.”


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