Scottish craft brewer Innis & Gunn has launched a new unified brand identity across its packaging.

The company unveiled a brand new look with a unifying packaging rebrand across its core barrel-aged and craft brewed beers range.

As per the company, the new packaging marks the return to its roots in barrel-ageing. The new look has been inspired from the brewery’s home city of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Right from 1861, Edinburgh’s Castle used to sound a large gun, every day at 1PM, allowing nearby ships to set the maritime clocks they needed to navigate the world’s oceans and deliver Scottish products.

The swirls and ripples on the packaging are a nod to the nearby ‘One O' Clock Gunn’ and reflect the explosion of flavour found in Innis & Gunn beers.  The new look is expected to extend beyond packaging into point-of-sale materials.

The rebrand will take place across Innis & Gunn’s core range line-up including The Original, Barrel Aged Scotch Ale, Blood Red Sky, Jamaican Rum Barrel Red Beer and Bourbon Barrel Porter (the new name of their Bourbon Aged Dark Ale), as well as its Irish Whiskey seasonal offering and future styles. The new packaging is expected to reach US shelves this month.

The rebranding follows 18 months of the brewery seeing significant growth in its business, including the recent announcement that private equity firm L Catterton has invested in the brewery. This investment is expected to fuel the brewery’s growth across the UK and internationally.

Innis & Gunn founder and master brewer Dougal Gunn Sharp said: "First and foremost our mission is to push the boundaries of craft beer, to keep evolving and developing new ideas and techniques. I'm enormously proud of our commitment to quality and innovation, resulting in our new unique barrel into beer method of barrel-ageing.

“This puts Innis & Gunn in the privileged position of being able to amplify the flavour in our beer using both traditional and modern innovative techniques. 2018 commemorates our 15th year anniversary and we'll be introducing some very exciting beers lined up to showcase the possibilities of barrel-ageing beer.

“The new look for Innis & Gunn in store and in bar is designed to share our story and craft credentials with consumers, reflecting our unique position at the centre of craft brewing tradition and innovation."

Image: New Innis & Gunn's packaging hitting stores starting this month. Photo: courtesy of PR Newswire.