Ghana-based wine distributor Kasapreko Company and Sintex Containers have entered into a partnership for supply of PET preforms for the alcoholic beverages market.

According to the firm, Sintex was selected as it was viewed appropriate to match the increased capacity that is necessary to meeting the company’s strategic goals.

Kasapreko plans to install modern equipment with two bottling lines, through which hopes to strengthen its position within the beverage bottling market.

Kasapreko managing director Martyn Mensah said if suppliers do not grow at pace, they would be left behind.

"Sintex has the capacity to supply us with the PET Preforms. The company is well-positioned and ready to supply the kinds of volumes of PET Preforms that we require for the new plants," added Mensah.

The firm hoped to increase its workforce and boost its revenues, and has employed 12 university graduates to operate the equipment for efficient functioning of the plant.