The app, developed by JYBE, allows consumers to review and rate restaurants that are actively making eco-friendly takeaway packaging choices


JYBE has created the app in order to help solve the “single-use plastic crisis” in the restaurant industry (Credit: Pixabay)

A rating app that aggregates restaurant ratings based on their use of eco-friendly takeaway and delivery packaging has been launched in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

The app’s developer, JYBE, has created it to help solve the “single-use plastic crisis” in the restaurant industry.

Its co-founder and CEO Alison Diamond believes the app is entering a restaurant industry that looks “completely different” in the “era of the global pandemic”.

She added: “Restaurants have turned to takeout and delivery to maintain business and serve customers. With that comes an increase in takeout packaging.

“We’re launching an app that allows users to find restaurants using sustainable packaging with the ability to promote the transition to eco-friendly products through consumer demand.

“The goal is to educate diners and restaurants alike, and lead to a culture shift on par with reusable supermarket bags or the elimination of plastic straws.”


Allowing consumers to make more eco-friendly packaging takeaway decisions: How does JYBE’s app work?

JYBE’s app — which has nearly 400 listings in Los Angeles and San Francisco — offers user reviews and recommendations for restaurants that are actively making eco-friendly packaging choices, as well as supporting others in the industry to integrate more sustainable packaging practices into their businesses.

It also allows users to report the type of takeaway packaging used by restaurants within the app, featuring eateries offering fully recyclable, biodegradable or reusable containers.

Promoted through JYBE’s “Sustainability Bill of Rights”, it highlights businesses that use reusables, aluminium, paper, glass and biodegradables — seeing petro-plastics as a last resort and Styrofoam, fibre and bio-plastics as materials that should never be used.

Alongside the app, the company also partners with those in the food industry to provide environmental guidance and education, as well as connections to sustainable vendors.

eco-friendly takeaway app
JYBE’s app has nearly 400 listings in Los Angeles and San Francisco (Credit: Pixabay)

Aided through JYBE’s “Provider Playbook” programme, restaurants that want to implement more sustainable packaging choices will receive a starter kit that includes sustainability information along with packaging made from aluminium, paper and other fully biodegradable or reusable materials.

This is designed to help businesses “kick-start” their new environmentally-friendly packaging practices.

The company has also said that, to support the food industry during Covid-19, it will donate $1 to the Independent Restaurant Coalition for every new app user during September.

In a bid to save local restaurants affected by the pandemic, the Independent Restaurant Coalition is providing financial support as well as looking to shift policy through its #SaveRestaurants campaign.

 JYBE co-founder and COO Paul Kradin said: “If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that our individual actions can have a powerful effect on the well-being of our entire community.

“JYBE empowers individuals to do just that. We also know that Millennials and Gen Z are willing to pay more for products and services that prioritise the environment.

“An investment in Earth-friendly packaging is an investment in the next generation of consumers.”

In the short-term JYBE is establishing itself the San Francisco Bay area — before expanding into fellow US cities Portland, Seattle, Denver, Boulder, Boston, Chicago, New York City and Washington DC in 2021.