Burger King restaurants in New York City, Portland, and Tokyo will be among the first to be involved in the reusable packaging trial with Loop


Burger King's reusable packaging trial is to start in 2021 (Credit: Burger King)

Burger King has launched a partnership with TerraCycle’s circular packaging service Loop to pilot refillable packaging products that can be safely cleaned and refilled to be reused.

The trial, part of its Restaurant Brands for Good framework, will offer its consumers the option to reduce waste by ordering its products in reusable sandwich containers or beverage cups.

Those who opt for the reusable packaging will be charged a deposit at the time of purchase, receiving a refund when the packaging is returned.

Starting in 2021, restaurants in New York City, Portland, and Tokyo will be among the first to implement the model, with more cities expected to be added in the coming months.

Burger King’s head of innovation and sustainability Matthew Banton said:  “As part of our Restaurant Brands for Good plan, we’re investing in the development of sustainable packaging solutions that will help push the foodservice industry forward in reducing packaging waste.

“The Loop system gives us the confidence in a reusable solution that meets our high safety standards, while also offering convenience for our guests on the go.”


Partnership with Loop part of Burger King’s sustainability strategy

Burger King says its partnership with Loop will help advance its sustainability strategy, building on its existing commitments to reduce its environmental footprint and protect the planet for the long-term.

To support the sustainable production of packaging materials, the firm is also looking to make 100% of guest packaging sourced from renewable, recycled or certified sources by 2025.

While working towards reducing the use of virgin materials and single-use packaging, the brand is tackling the challenge of improved waste diversion, with a commitment to recycle guest packaging in 100% of restaurants in Canada and the US by 2025.

Through the global Loop partnership, Burger King is collaborating with Kraft-Heinz and others who will provide insights, expertise and resources to the pilots, helping to expand its impact.

TerraCycle and Loop CEO Tom Szaky said: “During Covid-19, we have seen the environmental impact of increased takeaway ordering which makes this initiative by Burger King all the more important.

“This enables Burger King consumers to easily bring reusability into their daily lives, and whether they choose to eat-in or takeaway, they will be able to get some of their favorite food and drinks in a reusable container.”