North American supplier of plastic, glass, and metal containers and closures Berlin Packaging has announced partnership with the humanitarian organization Bottles for Babies to support the group's efforts to save the lives of children in Ghana, West Africa.

The local Berlin Packaging office, for the second year, will provide bottles as well as accompanying caps, labels and packaging that will be used to collect coin donations to purchase nutritional supplements, meals and clean water for the cause.

In 2011, Berlin Packaging offered more than 1,000 bottles to the organization, repurposing containers that do not meet the company’s quality standards for client needs but will serve the purposes of the organization.

Bottles for Babies president Cheryl Read said the organization’s first priority is to make sure that children get the nutritional supplement, which has improved their health over the past year.

"The campaign is growing with the help of schools and companies like Berlin Packaging, and we are able to see the impact we have on these children’s lives," Read said.

Besides providing benefit for orphans in Tamale village in Ghana, the program will also benefit malnourished children in the mud-hut village of Tarikpaa.