Anilox supplier Harper Corp of America has introduced Resistalloy, a combination of a specially developed thermal spray process and parameters plus corrosion resistant materials. Claims Art Ehrenberg, vp of operations: “This extraordinary new process allows us to provide a highly corrosion resistant layer to anilox rolls of almost any size and tube wall thickness. The relatively thin coating is applied at supersonic velocities which yields a coating density of 99.8 per cent, making the coating virtually a solid.”

The “super dense” coating is said to prevent migration of corrosive chemistries in inks and cleaners from penetrating to the mild steel roll core where corrosion typically begins.

Combined with specially formulated materials for various corrosive environments, the process is said to have been proven to provide corrosion resistance two to three times longer than competitive methods. As Harper says, corrosive environments have driven some converters to use stainless steel anilox cores or stainless welds, which are very costly and do not always provide the proper corrosion resistance in chemistries such as those containing chlorine. The Resistalloy process now solves many corrosive issues at a very competitive price, the company claims.


Harper Corp of America
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Harper Corp of America