Colordyne Technologies and NAStar have teamed up to provide a new, lower cost solution that simplify the process of producing and implementing retail shelf tags.


Image: Colordyne's Twofer Shelf Tag. Photo: courtesy of Colordyne Technologies.

Combining Colordyne’s digital printing expertise with NAStar’s innovative adhesives and materials, this partnership allows for a roll of TwoFer Shelf Tag material to be converted to duplex printed and finished tags in planogram order in a single pass.

Retail shelf tags, also called shelf talkers, are largely used for in-store promotions at grocery, drug, hardware and convenience stores. Retail shelf tags use a unique label that adheres to the shelf in front each item identifying its name, quantity, SKU and specific promotion, among other information. These promotions change frequently, often on a weekly and sometimes daily basis.

“With the short run, variable data capabilities needed for this type of application, digital print is the only economical solution,” said Taylor Buckthorpe, vice president of sales and marketing at Colordyne Technologies. “Our partnership with NAStar allows us to be the one-stop shop for in-plant shelf tag production. Their economically and environmentally responsible, silicone liner-free TwoFer Shelf Tag material coupled with our affordable digital technology will save almost any in-plant production valuable time and money.”

The NAStar Inc. patented* TwoFer Shelf Tags are back-to-back shelf tags without a liner that instead use an alternating adhesive and release coated pattern. Users can easily pull apart TwoFer Shelf Tags from one another, doubling the label quantity per sheet of material while eliminating liner waste. These shelf tags are compatible with all shelf talker formats and adhere to most plastic, metal, refrigerated glass and freezer shelving. The tags come off cleanly and can be reapplied when desired.

“It’s essentially two tags for the price of one compared to traditional, linered shelf tags,” said John Short, marketing director of NAStar. “With the currently limited purchasing options for shelf tags, we decided to create an alternative to outsourcing labels or performing a costly, multi-step process in-plant. We saw an industry need for TwoFer Shelf Tags and have worked closely with Colordyne to ensure we can deliver a successful, all-in-one solution to our customers.”

The digital print system, a tailor-made version of Colordyne’s 3600 Series UV – Rotary Pro, consists of two in-line UV inkjet print engines. This provides duplex print capabilities, printing on both the front and back sides of the material in one pass, on the double-sided material. Printed tags are then finished with in-line slitting, die cutting and shingling to create custom, back-to-back shelf tags ready for easy in-store application according to unique planograms.

Colordyne’s digital UV inkjet engines offer vivid, high resolution print quality, 600 by 600 dpi, at fast print speeds, 246 feet per minute. The UV ink, which is available in CMYK plus white, is ideal for durable applications, including those used in retail shelving like freezers and refrigerators.

“There’s little else a retailer can save more money on than printing their own shelf tags,” said Short. “Bringing the production in house allows the retailer to control the entire process and with the cost savings the TwoFer Shelf Tag allows, the return on investment for the equipment is drastically expedited.”

Colordyne and NAStar are working together with top North American retailers and anticipate installations prior to the end of 2018.

“Together, we’ve developed a single-pass shelf tag production system that gives twice the throughput on material reducing labor time in-store and eliminating liner waste,” said Buckthorpe. “This is the only all-in-one solution of its kind on the market and we are excited to demonstrate the cost savings of this system.”

Source: Company Press Release